Spin Room

If you’re looking for politics here, you’ll be disappointed. This is all about my favorite hobby: Cycling. For me, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a spiritual practice and where much of my sermon prep takes place. So if you see a guy on a road bike on Metro bike paths talking to himself out loud about Jesus, don’t worry. I’m just practicing.

Images from Various Rides (a lotta downtown Mpls.- I love my town)

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I have been researching how to get this done, centering it on 1st Ave. Haven’t been able to do it. This guy from San Francisco nailed it. Best route in the history of Strava if you ask me:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.04.23 AM

One of my all time favorite routes (from March of 2015):


The Day I Went After My Own: While I am an avid cyclist, and though I have had my fair share of close calls on the road, and though I am grateful for much of the work that various organizations who advocate for cyclists have done, I also get frustrated with how narrow our vision can often be. I read a blog about a proposal to add an additional bike lane around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, but the way the article was written troubled me. So I wrote to Dan Barreiro, the host of the drive time show “Bumper to Bumper” on KFAN 100.3 (I’ve been a loyal listener since 1996, and Barreiro is notorious for being anti-cyclist, although in reality he’s merely anti-cyclist-extrimist) with a little rant about it. It may not mean much to many, but not only did he read it in its entirety, it received the “Bumper to Bumper Seal of Approval”, which for a loyal listener is a true badge of honor. Here it is: