Good Stuff

Here you’ll find a random assortment of “stuff” to which I say, “good stuff”.


This is a nice summary of the heart of a Wesleyan approach to spiritual awakening. I am particularly drawn to #6: “Give the Ministry to the Laity” says nothing about committee leadership and everything about small group leadership. That, I believe, is our biggest gap in most UMC churches- our leaders are bogged down in committees, instead of nourished in small groups. Seven of John Wesley’s Practices That Can Change Hearts Today

This is an article written by a member of the community I serve who writes for St. Louis Park High School’s student run newspaper, The EchoThis isn’t good stuff- it’s great stuff, and I’m proud to be Harry’s pastor: Gender Norms Discourage Authentic Expression

I have no idea where I found it or where it originated (if you know, let me know, so I can give them credit!), but normally I scoff at stuff like this… until I get pegged by it. Yes, I’m a post-evangelical:



I used to work with and pastor artist DeAnne Parks. I find her work inspiring and fulfilling. I would not say she is a “Christian artist”, however. She is an artist who happens to draw on her faith as the inspiration for much of her art. There is difference. Check her stuff out, and watch for her in local art crawls and other events: This one is among my favs:


I get a little fatigued of his sure fire lists, but I like this one. I need to pay attention to it: Important Things Every Way Too Busy Leader Forfeits

I believe it was in David Lose’s preaching class where I first saw this in relation to how the power of story creates meaning more than mere information, but wherever it was, it stuck with me. This ad is, to me, pure brilliance, and I believe the Church has a lot to learn from it as it seeks connect people in today’s world. The world, perhaps, isn’t interested in theology as much as meaning. Theology is largely information. Story creates meaning: