Check It Out

“Check It Out”  consists of some sites that I either go to a lot, have stuff about people I think are just swell, or are organizations in which I’m involved. So… check it out.

Aldersgate UMC: We’ve got some work to do to clean up, streamline and update our site, but this is the website for the church I currently serve. Gotta support the team. I suppose I should also give a shout to the Minnesota Annual Conference to which I belong!

Perspectives: These folks do amazing work in “breaking the cycle for at risk families and children for total family recovery”. They are a robust organization with a holistic approach, and I am proud to have them based in my home town of St. Louis Park, MN.

I have seen first hand that this video is not mere hype. This is what Perspectives does and is who they are: Stories_of_Hope_ANGEL.mp4

Avenues for Homeless Youth: This is an organization with whom Aldersgate UMC is beginning to work that is doing amazing things for homeless youth in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas. If you are in a place/stage in life where you could house a young person for up to 6-18 months, check out the Host Home Program.

MoveFwd: This is another organization with Aldersgate UMC is beginning to work and who is also doing amazing things for homeless youth in the West Metro. An estimate 4000 young people are homeless in the metro area, and only 500 shelter beds exist. We have to do better.

WorkingPreacher: Great stuff here on all things preaching the lectionary (whether it’s the RCL or the Narrative lectionary). You could lose hours of your time if you dare enter the Working Preacher Videos. This is Greg Boyd’s site. I don’t always agree with him, but most of the time I do, and more importantly, he preached a sermon at a conference I attended in college that shaped the rest of my life and career. Additionally his views what he calls “nationalistic idolatry” gave voice and structure to much of what caused a lot of tension in me in the early-mid 2000’s. If you haven’t already, give his Myth of Christian Nation a read. Like Boyd, I don’t always agree with Brian Zahnd, but most of the time I do, and his book Beauty Will Save the World radically changed me and my approach to ministry and evangelism.

STORM Ministries: This is the site for a summer missions experience called STORM. My friend Sami head up our Faribault site. Good times.

Walter Brueggemann: I have not even dipped my toe into the waters of Brueggemann’s writings, but a sermon of his at the Festival of Homiletics in 2011 brought me to tears. I could listen to him talk theology, the Church and life all day.

Carey Nieuwhof: This guy’s got some helpful ministry leadership stuff, I think. A bit too formulaic for me, but I also find myself reading him often and nodding a lot.

Black Coffee: This is a blog I started in about 2009, but which I have sort of lost sight of. I started originally simply as an outlet for my thoughts and to just write. At some point I plan to archive here some writing  from there that I’d like to hang on to and then delete it, but until then, I’ll keep the link here.