Be Reel

Here you’ll find various videos I find interesting, intriguing, amusing or funny.

This is a clip from Bishop Palmer’s Episcopal Address at the United Methodist General Conference in Portland, OR on May 11, 2016. I love the way he crafts the finish to the address, poignantly and powerfully reminding us where our call comes from and where Christ is in it:

This TED Talk is one that I find to be 17 of the most important minutes a man could and should watch:


I stumbled on this video about long ago, and it still stirs something in me today:

I cry every time I watch this video. I have also found it a great tool for a teaching or sermon on loving our enemies or simply doing good. Great story:

This one may be getting a bit overdone, but inspiring, compelling, and good to keep in mind nonetheless:

I’ve found this video to be a great way to intro nearly any Christmas Message, and, perhaps more importantly, it also engages kids.

It just doesn’t get old: