Mark 8:14-21 |Do You Not Yet Understand?

Thinking_Face_Emoji-Emoji-Island“Do you not yet understand?” No, Jesus, no I do not. I’ll be honest. I’m totally guessing on this one, so let’s break this down…

In verses 11-13 we have the Pharisees demanding a sign as a way of trapping or testing Jesus’ validity, and this coming right on the heels of the feeding of the 4,000. Then he and the 12 head off “to the other side” (they seem to spend a lot of time going “to the other side”). Having only one loaf of bread, Jesus (seemingly out of the blue) says, “watch out- beware the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod” (verse 16). The disciples wonder if he’s saying this because they have no bread. Jesus’ responds to this with “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not perceive or understand?” This response is yet another indication that all this business about bread and feeding people (presumably including the feeding of the 4,000) is not about bread at all. There is something deeper going on.

All throughout Mark’s gospel, Jesus has been performing physically miraculous acts, primarily in the arena of healing and feeding. Yet at the same time he’s saying that it’s not about “signs” or “bread”. It’s about the provision of God. Five loaves turned into 12 baskets. Seven loaves turned into seven baskets. Some how, some way, God gives us what we need. Some how, some way, God is with us and fills us- if not physically, God fills us spiritually. God’s grace defies math, God’s grace defies logic, God’s grace defies reason, God’s grace defies understanding. God’s grace is lavishly, abundantly, and even wastefully poured out onto the world, even to those “on the other side”. It’s not about bread. It’s not about signs. It’s not about measurable goals, matrixes, and quantifiable fruit. It’s about the wonderfully mysterious, unpredictable and incomprehensible grace of God.

“Do you not yet understand?” I have no idea if I get it or not, Jesus. So maybe I’ll stop trying and just rest in your grace.