The Gospel of Mark: Daily Reflections

Mark Study Image.001It’s that time of year. In my church we begin a Gospel right around Christmas every year and we plod through it all the way to Easter. And every year there is a daily reading schedule, which, if you follow it, will take you through every word of the Gospel. I also blog on each of those readings. We’ve done Luke, John, and Matthew, and this Sunday we kick off Mark. For the past three Gospels I’ve set up a separate blog for each: You can find Luke at, John at, and Matthew at But this year I decided not to set up a special blog for Mark. Why not? I’m not really sure. Maybe it seemed like a waste of cyberspace, if there is such a thing.

So I’ve decided to do my daily reflections on Mark right here at BelgianFriar, my own personal blog. One, I just haven’t been writing lately (a whole other thing for another day), and with doing a daily reflection on Mark between now and Easter, I likely won’t have time for much writing outside of that in the coming months. So rather than letting BelgianFriar lay dormant, I thought I’d put the daily reflections on the Gospel of Mark right here. At some point I’d like to get the other Gospel blogs I’ve done here as well, but I haven’t found a slick way to do that yet. If you are planning to connect to this series, see the bookmark we made with the daily reading list below. If you have a printer that can print double sided stuff, you can print it, cut it out, and stick it in your Bible, or you can just have two bookmarks. Either way, get into the reading! Note that there are 5 readings per week, not seven, I my blog reflections will come on Mondays-Fridays (weekends off!).

All that is to say for the few who actually follow this blog, get ready for daily alerts on Markan reflections. Enter in at whatever level you want to, and I hope this doesn’t drive you away! For all who stop by during this series, I hope you’ll not only read, but engage: Ask questions, throw in your own thoughts and reflections, challenge me, tell me what you see! There is no one “right” interpretation!

The bottom line is this: For the Christian, it’s all about the Gospels. While we need the whole of the Biblical narrative, I believe it is vital for us to steep our lives in the life of Jesus. So come join me. Let’s take a deep dive into the Gospel of Mark, and let’s see how God calls us unto Christ-likeness through it.


Mark Bookmark (pdf, two sided with Aldersgate branding)

Mark Bookmark (no brand) (pdf, two sided, without Aldersgate branding)

Mark Bookmark (side by side)

Mark Bookmark Side by Side Image